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Pretty cool!

Need a MOFO update :(

(Map Overhaul and Framerate Optimization)

But despite that, I've really enjoyed this game...

How do you shoot?

part of the screen doesnt fit

you should improve this game by bringing down a star destroyer and add a death star

I could not hit one target but i enjoyed flying through space while boogies trying to kill me.

This game is so shit I read the "please read" the thing that made me laugh was this "having to much fun cuz ist fun." xD the controls is like sucking dick and the game iws just shit in generel

The trailer is %100 bullshit

fuck off the creators put so hard effort into this game

Very difficult controls. Unable to quit the game: there is no EXIT button and ESC-Key does also not work. :-(

I personally found the fighters difficult to control, they also died a bit too quickly for me to enjoy the battles. That being said, I still think this was at least worth trying. It dose have more space battles then the new Battlefront. :)

I can't believe they removed the spaces battles in the new star wars battlefront!